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Yangtze River Victoria Anna Cruise
Victoria Anna Cruise

Victoria Cruises is once again setting new standards for Yangtze River cruising inaugurated in 2006. It was renovated in 2011. The Victoria Anna is the Yangtze's largest and most luxurious ship.

Yangtze River Victoria Anna Cruise
Lobby of Victoria Anna Cruise

Facilities include two restaurants (a single-seating main dining room, and an a la carte restaurant on the top deck), two elevators, a three-story atrium lobby, two lounges, three bars, a gym, lecture room, library, beauty salon, massage room, and gift shop.

Yangtze River Victoria Anna Cruise
Standard Room of Victoria Anna Cruise

The Victoria Anna has have the most suites of any ship on the Yangtze River, and all cabins have private balconies. The Anna is equipped with internet access, and cabins have HBO and CNN broadcasts.

Yangtze River Victoria Anna Cruise
Lounge of Victoria Anna Cruise

If you are in doubt whether taking the Victoria Anna cruise is the right decision or not, then the answer is quiet simple; Victoria Anna is one of the best cruise ships in the cruise lines of Yangtze River Cruise line. With a five star standard on all cruise lines, this is a chance to experience a journey that is worth taking.

Yangtze River Victoria Anna Cruise
Gym of Victoria Anna Cruise

On board, the Victoria Anna Cruise's style, and comfort surrounds you, whether it is your personal cabin, or whether you are on the top deck enjoying a drink of your favorite wine. On this cruise, you get to enjoy your time by watching the beautiful sceneries of the Yangtze River and on board, there are plenty of things from on board spas, fitness training, Tai Chi Classes, Mandarin Chinese classes, and historical lessons to enjoy your time.

Yangtze River Victoria Anna Cruise
Mahjong Room of Victoria Anna Cruise

The on board restaurants serve the best cuisines in the region, made from fresh ingredients and in a way that can please everyone's taste buds. So, either you can enjoy your time with the on board attractions, or you can simply enjoy the view from your private balcony or from the top deck. On the Victoria Anna Cruise line, a five star journey through the historical Yangtze River is something that should definitely be on your to do list during this vacation.

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