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High-speed rail (HSR) in China refers to any railway in China with commercial train service at the speed of 200 km/h (124 mph) or higher as internationally recognized, with another definition of 250 km/h or higher designed speed lines of new built line locally.

China Bullet Train
China Bullet Train

There are "4 vertical lines and 4 horizontal lines" for the main China HSR network. This means there are four north-south high-speed rail lines and four east-west high-speed rail lines. They are the basis for the China high-speed rail network.

China Bullet Train
China Bullet Train

China has the world's longest HSR network with over 19,000 km (12,000 mi) of track in service as of January 2016, which is more than the rest of the world's high-speed rail tracks combined, and a network length of 30,000 km (19,000 mi) is planned for 2020.

Business Class Seat of China Bullet Train
Business Class Seat

High speed trains, which are also called bullet or CRH trains, here refer to G, D and C trains in China.

First Class Seat of China Bullet Train
First Class Seat

Currently, there are about 2,000 pairs of high speed trains running daily to/from almost every large city and most tourism destinations, along the dense net with a total length of about 11,800 miles (19,000 kilometers).

Second Class Seat of China Bullet Train
Second Class Seat

China's railways are among the busiest in the world. In 2014, railways in China delivered 2.357 billion passenger trips, generating 1,160.48 billion passenger-kilometers and carried 3.813 billion tons of freight, generating 2,753 billion cargo ton-kilometers.